Mayor’s Welcome

Welcome to the Town of St. Anthony!

It is indeed a pleasure to sit in the Mayor’s chair for this community and to be part of such an incredible team that works diligently to make sure our town is positioned for greatness.

The town of St. Anthony has long been a center of business, economics, industry and service. It is a community filled with history, from the legends of Dr. Grenfell to the resilience of fishermen who built and sustained the local economy. Advancements and development of infrastructure, industry and technology have brought exciting opportunities to open us up to the world.

The natural splendor of our environment makes us an ideal destination for adventure seekers and tourists who want to experience all the beauty nature has to offer. The services available meet the needs of our changing population, and ensure our community members are cared for in measures of education, health, wellness, recreation, leisure and more.

But, I believe our greatest resource is our people! Kindness, compassion, ingenuity, and resilience are the hallmarks of the residents of our town. We have met and overcome challenges, we have adapted and persevered – all with a smile and a cup of tea to share. We take pride in our community and look with excitement to what the future has in store.

Who wouldn’t want to be the mayor of a place like this!?

We’re proud of our new website, and hope you find all you need (and more) as you navigate through. We’re so glad you’ve stopped by. Please contact us if you have questions or need more information.

Mayor Krista Lynn Howell