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PUBLIC NOTICE Town of St. Anthony Please be advised, a precautionary Boil Water Order is in effect for the entire Town as of today Tuesday, September 10, 2019 until further notice, due to malfunction in our Chlorine House. The Town apologizes for any ....  Read More

The Town of St. Anthony would like to send out a friendly reminder that today the children are heading back for another school year and would like for all vehicle operators to abide by the set speed limits on our streets and in our school zones. ....  Read More

Please be advised that work will start on the placement of new sidewalks along West Street from United Church to Sulley’s Road on Monday, August 12, 2019. Motorist are asked to reduce speed, pay close attention and respect flag persons ....  Read More

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West Street - East Street - North Street - 40 km All side streets (inc Fishing Point Rd) - 30 km School Zone`s (Goose Cove Road - Town Hall, Cohen`s Furniture - Royal Canadian Legion) - 30 km

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Water Pressure Subsidy Policy

Policy Manual - Section II  - Subsection X

In an effort to ensure that all residents have sufficient water pressure to carry out their daily activities the Town will be providing a subsidy to residents who encounter lower than normal water pressure levels.

The following are guiding principles to determine water pressure issues and solutions:

1. The Town will check water pressure at a resident on several occasions by connecting a pressure gauge to the outside water connection belonging to the property owner to determine water pressure to the property.

2. Minimum water pressure that would receive a subsidy would be 18 psi or less. Anyone 19 psi or greater will not qualify for a subsidy. This will be determined by staff of the Town of St. Anthony. Pressure cannot be impacted
by valves closed off or leaks in the immediate area.

3. A Water Pressure Subsidy will be issued on a one time only basis for a particular property, irregardless of ownership changes.

4. For those qualifying for a subsidy, the following would have to be completed:

a. The property owner would be required to purchase and install a water pump and tank at their own expense. Once installed, all associated invoices and a picture of the pump must be forwarded to the Town of St. Anthony. After a review is completed the Town would than issue a one time payment of $400.00 to the property owner as subsidy for the pump. If taxes are outstanding against the property or individual, the $400.00 subsidy would be placed against the outstanding account.

b. All maintenance, repairs and replacement work and cost would be the sole responsibility of the property owner.

c. The Town assumes no legal obligation for defects, setup and or other issues pertaining to the pump installation, operation and placement.

The Town of St. Anthony adopted the Water Pressure Subsidy Policy on 26th day of May in the year 2010. Motion Number 97-2010

Moved by:  Councillor Kinsella          
Second by:  Councillor Walker

Ernest Simms

Mayor Ernest Simms
Town of St. Anthony

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Our town is one of the most naturally scenic environments in all of Canada.. Most residential and commercial properties have displayed high standards of maintenance.. Civic pride, surrounding the appearance of our town, inspires greater population growth.. ....  Read More

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