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Animal Control Policy

Policy Manual -   Section II -  Subsection III

Interpretations: In these regulations unless the context otherwise requires:

1). (a) "Act" means the Municipalities Act.

(b) "Council" means The Town Council of St. Anthony

(c) "Town" means The Town of St. Anthony as defined in Order-of-Council dated the 18th day of July, 1945 or any amendments thereto, make or continued under the provisions of the Act.

(d) "Town Clerk" means the Town Clerk of the Town of St. Anthony.

2). From and after the date of the passing of these regulations, no person shall keep any animal, other than a puppy or a kitten not more than three months old, within the Town unless such an animal has been registered and licensed.

3). The Council may appoint licensing officers who shall keep registers of all animals licensed by them.

4). a) Licensing of animals will be $5.00 per license.

b) License Tags shall be issued by the Council.

5). The owner of every licensed animal shall immediately on receiving the license tag, attach it to a strong and durable collar, which shall be kept upon the animals neck at all times when it is outside the enclosed premises of the owner, in accordance with Section I.

6). a) Every owner of an animal shall keep it safely tethered or penned up at all times.

b) An animal need not be tethered or penned up if:

1) It is held on a leash by a person capable of restraining its movements.

2) It is being used by same person to work for the purpose of lawful hunting.

3) It is being used by same person to work in a lawful manner with sheep.

4) It is kept or used for any other purpose and under the conditions prescribed in the regulations.

7). Any animal found damaging or destroying private property may be seized by the injuriously affected person or persons and held for collection by the impounder.

8). When an animal has been impounded, the impounder shall make a record of such impounding in a book kept for that purpose, and may then, but shall not be bound to advertise that such animal has been impounded.

9). The owner may recover an impounded animal on such proof of his ownership of the animal as the Council may require, and upon payment of all fees in connection with the impounding.

10). The following Seizing and Impounding Fees shall be paid by the owner of animal seized or impounded prior to releasing the animal or deducted from the proceeds of any sales of such animals:

Seizing and Impounding
1st Instance - $130.00

Seizing and Impounding
2nd Instance - $180.00

Seizing and Impounding
3rd Instance - $230.00

All expenses must be paid prior to animal release.

11). The impounder shall keep any registered unclaimed animal, in the pound for a period of Forty-eight (48) hours after the expiration of such period the animal may be sold or destroyed.

12). The impounder shall keep any non-registered unclaimed animal, in the pound for a period of twenty-four (24) hours after the expiration of such period the animal may be sold or destroyed.

13). In any proceeding under these regulations, the proof that an animal was under the age of three months shall be upon the owner of the animal or the person having possession thereof.

14). Any person who has custody, charge, or possession of any animal or who is the owner of any house or premises where a animal is kept or permitted to live or remain shall be deemed to be the owner of the animal for the purposes of these regulations unless he proves he was not the owner of the animal.

15). Where any person is authorized to destroy an animal under these regulation, he shall do so in a manner as humanely as possible.

16). The carcass of any animal destroyed shall be disposed of by burying or burning it; it shall not be placed in the sea or in any pond, lake, river or stream or any water which flows into the sea.

Date: September 28, 2010

  Mayor’s Signature


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