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Town of St. Anthony would like to advise all its residents that , the Precautionary Boil Order for The Entire Town has been LIFTED effective today, November 21, 2019 The Town apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused! ... See ....  Read More

The Town of St. Anthony would like to send out a friendly reminder that today the children are heading back for another school year and would like for all vehicle operators to abide by the set speed limits on our streets and in our school zones. ....  Read More

Speed Limit Notice

West Street - East Street - North Street - 40 km All side streets (inc Fishing Point Rd) - 30 km School Zone`s (Goose Cove Road - Town Hall, Cohen`s Furniture - Royal Canadian Legion) - 30 km

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Moose Driving Conditions

Drive carefully !!Tourists are advised to Drive Cautiously

Always keep your "Moose eyes" open - particularly during spring & summer months..

A high percentage of moose collisions occur during daylight hours on straight parts of the roadway.. Moose are most commonly seen at dusk or dawn.. Moose graze at this time.. Moose can weigh up to 2500 pounds!!

Local residents are always conscious of the possibility of such risk - and maintain slower speeds, particularly during spring and summer months..

Night-time Driving

Moose are often difficult to see - especially while driving at night.. This is due to their dark, "non-reflective", coats of fur..

Also, moose "eyes" do not reflect well.. Moose stand very tall - and their eyes are usually above headlight level..
Always drive with your "high-beams" - wherever possible..
It might be advisable to dim your interior dashboard lights (to allow less distraction & better night-time visibility)..
Ensure that you are able to safely stop your vehicle within the same distance as your headlight range..

If a collision if unavoidable, try to clip either the head or hindquarters of the moose with the edge of your bumper.. This will no doubt spin your car and also perhaps spin the moose, hopefully away from your hood or roof..

Thankfully, most roads have extra-wide clearings, which allow you to see moose approaching the sides of our roads..

St. Anthony residents enjoy sunset drives to view the spectacular moose population.. Accidents rarely occur - but, it is important to remain alert and maintain a safe speed..

Travel the Viking Trail to St. Anthony and view a land that is unique & magical.. Experience nature at it's finest, enjoy boat tours that will leave lasting memories and meet friendly people along the way..


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Tourist Park Honours 2 Pilots
The Canso water bomber aircraft is the center-piece of a memorial park in the town of St. Anthony.. The park memorializes Cpt. Ronald Penny & Yannick Dutin.. View More about This Aircraft

Norpen Bus Service to St. Anthony

There is a bus service that shuttles passengers between Corner Brook, Deer Lake Airport, Plum Point, St. Anthony Airport, Roddickton and Englee. This is a great way to take in the scenery along the famous Northern Peninsula's Viking Trail (Route ....  Read More

Virtual Tour - Let's Go Hiking
Join us on a virtual tour of Fishing Point. This slideshow takes you along a hike through the "Whale Watching Trail", followed by a trek up the stairs to the top of "Fishing Point Head". Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world ....  Read More

The History of Fishing Point
Fishing Point is considered the meeting place for local residents and tourists alike.. Fishing Point (also known as Fox Point) has an undeniable history going back to the early 1900's.. [Learn ....  Read More

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Let us know how much you enjoyed your trip to St. Anthony.. Publish your experiences for others to read.. We plan to preserve guest book entries for many years to follow.. Be one of the first participants to add comments.. [View ....  Read More

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