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St. Anthony is located on the beautiful Northern Peninsula of the island of Newfoundland.

St. Anthony Airport – Gateway to our Region 

The St. Anthony Airport is owned and operated by Transport Canada. The airport hosts two airlines that have regular flights in and out of St. Anthony.


For more information, please contact:

Airport Management:
Tel: 709-454-3192
Fax: 709-454-2136

Food service

Beneath the Wings Cafe
(Beulah Coates)
Tel: 709-454-2163

Ground transportation service

Danny’s Airbus Services
Tel: 709-454-2630/7858
Fax: 709-454-8427

Vehicle rental service

Woodward Rent-A-Car Limited (National Rent-A-Car)
Tel: 709-454-8522
Fax: 709-454-3288

Aircraft refueller

Penney’s Aircraft Services Limited
(Shell Canada Products)
Tel: 709-454-3839
Tel: 709-454-3373

Lost and Found 709-454-3189

Local Transportation in St. Anthony

There are two main sources of transportation in town of St. Anthony which residents or visitors can take advantage of. These include the various taxis services around the community or the car dealerships, whereby individuals can purchase a new or used car. Anybody just visiting the Town of St. Anthony can also have the option of renting a vehicle for the duration of their stay.


Travelling by taxis may be a little expensive, but it is quick and convenient. The taxi services offered in St. Anthony include:

Town Taxi
Guy Strangemore

Car Dealerships

If you are an individual who possesses a valid driver’s license, you can buy a new or used car. There is a car dealership in St. Anthony to purchase from and an individual should visit and compare prices to choose the best deal.

Woodward Motors
454-4000 Fax 454-3922
West Street

Ken Loder
MON – FRI: 8am – 5pm
MON – SAT: 8am – 5pm

Car Rentals

If an individual is planning on visiting St. Anthony for a short period of time, they can rent a vehicle while they are in the community by paying a fee. Each rental business may charge different prices, it is best to look around for the cheapest and more economical.

Triple K Enterprises
Morgan/Verla Simms

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