Telephones and Communication

Upon arrival to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, it is your responsibility to arrange for telephone and internet services in your residence. Normally, companies will charge a installation fee and then you will be billed monthly, depending on the telephone/internet package you choose from. Another option is to have a mobile or cellular phone, as this is available in most parts of the province, yet cannot work properly without a clear signal.  Residents of St. Anthony can choose from a variety of regular and specialized telephone networks, cellular communications packages, television, computer and internet services.

Telephone Services

Aliant (Telephone Service Provider)
454-2666 Fax 454-2035
Danny Randell

Cellular Services

Consumers PharmaChoice
454-3700 Fax 454-0092
Viking Mall
Ford Jacobs / Frasier King
MON – FRI: 9am – 9pm
SAT: 9:30am – 9pm
SUN & HOLIDAY: 1pm – 6pm

Internet Services

Aliant (High Speed & Dial-up Internet Provider)
454-2666 Fax 454-2035
Danny Randell

Television Services

Persona Communications (Cable)
Tom Simms