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Newfoundland Foods

There is no better way to experience Newfoundland than by sampling the province’s traditional food, and there are some delicious and interesting items on the menu. If you have never had a good old Newfoundland scoff, you’re in for an unforgettable experience.    

Newfoundlanders are well known for their cooking abilities and serving up a variety of dishes as interesting as the land. Newfoundland prepares its dishes with the freshest ingredients from their oceans, lakes, rivers, game, plants and gardens. Lobster, Cod, Caribou, Salmon, Moose can all be served up as tasty recipes that have been used for generations. 

Some of these famous Newfoundland items include colcannon, doughboys, pea soup, salt fish and brewis, toutons, and cod tongues. Many Newfoundlanders enjoy dishes including delicious Jigg’s dinner which is made up of beef stew, cabbage, turnip and potatoes followed by Figgy Duff pudding as a desert. Newfoundland and Labrador’s cuisines include Salmon Ravioli, Braised Rabbit Pie, Caribou Bourguignon, and Bakeapple Cheesecake.