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Access to educational facilities is important to any new residents moving into a community. New-comers like to be in easy reach of facilities including elementary, secondary and post-secondary institutions. Many individuals may be attracted to a community solely upon the number of high-caliber educational amenities.

Elementary and Secondary Schools

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador offers free public education to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents less than 18 years of age. Parents of children are responsible for school supplies and school uniforms; however, the uniforms are only worn for Band and Sports teams.
Registration for elementary and secondary school usually takes place several months prior to the school year. In order to register, an individual must contact the particular school their child wishes to attend and find out all the registration details. Certain schools may charge a administration fee for the registration of a child. There are a number of different schooling options available in Newfoundland and Labrador educational system. A child may enter a public, English, French Immersion, Francophone or Private institution. Those parents that may want to home school can also have that option in this province.
The town of St. Anthony offers residents easy access to both elementary and secondary schools. Most children start their schooling at the age of 5 in the province where they begin at Kindergarten level. In the kindergarten level, children attend 5 days of either morning of afternoon classes. As a child gets older, they will continue to attend elementary school grade 1 (age 6) to Grade 6 (age 12). Junior High or Intermediate school is from Grade 7- Grade 9 (ages 13-15). The last school system to complete is High School and it includes Grade 10-12 (ages 16-18). White Hills Academy (K-12) in St. Anthony is overseen by the Western School District.

White Hills Academy (K-12)

PO Box 219
St. Anthony, NL A0K 4S0
Principal – Mervin Parsons
Tel: (709) 454-2202/2203/2393
Fax: (709) 454-2404

College of the North Atlantic

83-93 East St

St. Anthony, NL A0K 4S0

Campus Administrator: Frederick Russell
Tel: (709) 454-3559
Fax: (709) 454-8808

Academy Canada

Upper Level, Viking Mall
St. Anthony, NL A0K 4S0
Tel: 1 (800) 561-8000

Link: Newfoundland & Labrador Department of Education
Link: Western School District

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