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Flora photos provided by Wats Tucker..

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Gentian family [Gentianaceae]

Buckbean [Menyanthes trifoliata]


Buckbean [Menyanthes trifoliata] has a raceme of ‘frosty’ white flowers, with fuzzy ‘beards’ on the petals.. The leaves grow from the base of the plant and are composed of three leaflets.. They grow in shallow pond water and in wet bogs, from northern Canada all the way to the southern border.. If you fish for trout in the hundreds of ponds and ‘mud’ ponds around St. Anthony and the Pistolet Bay area, you will have seen this pretty little flower..

Heath Family [Ericaceae]

This family is mostly made up of woody or shrubby plants, and includes the rhododendrons, azaleas and our local blueberries..

Labrador Tea [Ledum groenlandicum]

Labrador Tea

Labrador Tea [Ledum groenlandicum] is a low, evergreen northern shrub with rolled, ‘leathery’ leaves that are wooly white underneath, sometimes ‘rusty’, and from 1 to 2 inches in length.. The flowers are small and white-petaled and are presented in terminal clusters.. The plant may exceed 3 feet in length and is exceptionally fragrant.. This plant is found on cool windy hillsides and in peat bogs, from Labrador to the northeastern United States.. Again, a very common shrub in our area and, as the local name implies, the dried leaves make a mild, pleasant tea when steeped in hot water for 8 or 10 minutes.. Caution; do not permit water to boil as this releases unwanted and unhealthy acids that will spoil the taste of the beverage..

Sheep Laurel [Kalmia angustifolia]

Sheep Laurel

Sheep Laurel [Kalmia angustifolia] has beautiful crimson-pink flowers and narrow, drooping leaves.. Do not confuse with Pale Laurel, on which the flower cluster is terminal.. The flowers on the Sheep Laurel are surmounted by newer, upright leaves.. The Sheep Laurel can reach a height of three feet but, in our area, heights will seldom exceed half of that.. Again, these flowers are extremely common throughout this area and they grow on rocky slopes, and in meadows and swampland.. This brightly coloured flower is found from Labrador south to the New England States..

Lily Family [Liliaceae]

The Corn LIly

Rose Twisted Stalk (July 21, 1995)

Clintonia (Fruit) - August 27, 1994

The Corn Lily [Clintonia borealis] has six-pointed, yellow-green flowers and deep metallic blue fruit.. The plant has two or three basal leaves, broad and shining, and produces its nodding, bell-like flowers on a leafless stalk.. It attains a height from 6" to 16“.. This plant thrives in cool, damp woods throughout southeastern Canada.. These beautiful little flowers are extremely common in our area.. The fruit, although attractive, is pulpy and not suitable for human consumption..

Rose Twisted Stalk

Rose Twisted Stalk - July 21, 1995

The Rose Twisted Stalk [Streptopus roseus] has six-pointed, rose coloured flowers and bright red, somewhat-oval fruit.. The little flowers are located in the leaf axils along the zig-zag stalk.. The stalk attains a length of from 2 to 3 feet, and grows parallel to the ground.. Again, these flowers are extremely common in our area and they grow in cool, damp woods throughout southeastern Canada, often among alders.. The fruit is pulpy and not suitable for human consumption..

Orchid Family [Orchidaceae]

Yellow Lady’s Slipper [Cypripedium calceolus]

Calceolus has three forms, the larger is shown here.. The bright yellow flower has an inflated ‘Slipper’ or sac-like lip, and twisted (often brown) petals.. Its leaves are parallel veined and somewhat shiny.. This plant should not be removed from its natural setting but admired and appreciated where it lives.. It reaches a height of 6 to 8 inches.. This plant is found in rocky bogs, wet woods and swampland in Newfoundland & Labrador and in Quebec..

Pink Family [Caryophylloceae]

Moss Campion [Silene acaulis]

Moss Campion [Silene acaulis]

Moss Campion [Silene acaulis], a member of the Pink family [Caryophylloceae].. The greenhouse grown Carnation is a member of this family.. In the wild, the tiny flowers of the Moss Campion are pink to purple and lightly notched.. The leaves are very crowded and the plant forms mossy looking tussocks (to 3" in height) on cool, rocky hilltops throughout northeastern Canada..

Rose Family [Rosaceae]

Cloudberry or Bakeapple [Rubus chamaemorus]

Cloudberry or Bakeapple [Rubus chamaemorus]

Cloudberry or Bakeapple [Rubus chamaemorus]

Cloudberry or Bakeapple [Rubus chamaemorus] is of the Rose family of flowers [Rosaceae].. The single snowy white flower is presented on an unbranched stem.. Its leaves (2 or 3) are broad, saw-tooth-edged and 5-lobed.. It grows to 7" in height and its fruit is peach colour to orange yellow.. It thrives on cold bogs, hillsides and tundra in eastern Canada, from the Arctic south to New England.. Our people, throughout history, have waited expectantly and patiently for its delicious fruit to ripen, usually about each mid-summer.. It is used to produce jams, jellies and wines.. The success of a bountiful harvest is often dependant on gentle rains during its flowering period.. The heavy rain of thunderstorms sometimes destroys the flowers before the fruit has an opportunity to develop..

Saxifrage family [Saxifragaceae]

Grass of Parnassus [Parnassia glauca]

Grass of Parnassus

Grass of Parnassus [Parnassia glauca] boasts a ‘shy’, almost-cupped, green-veined white flower.. The leaves are spade-shaped and form a basal rosette and the plant has a single small leaf embracing the stem.. This plant is closely related to the Rose family but with different seed characteristics.. It grows in wet meadows and along roadsides throughout most of eastern Canada..

Sedum family (Crassulaceae)

Roseroot [Sedum rosea]


Roseroot [Sedum rosea] is a member of the Sedum family (Crassulaceae) and grows to a height of 5 to 10".. The flowers may be yellow (staminate or male) or purplish (pistillate or female).. Its leaves are succulent and overlap spirally.. It grows in small pockets of soil in rocks, throughout our area, and is often associated with seaside landscapes.. When new and young the leaves and stems may be used as salad ingredients or cooked as greens.. The leaves become bitter with maturity..

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