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Elected Officials since 1945

St. Anthony Coat of Arms The first Municipal council was formed in 1945 and has since seen 192 people serve on various Councils. Here is a list of all elected officials (including by-elections) since the incorporation of St. Anthony in 1945.

1945 - INCORPORATED                                                   1947

Israel Pomeroy (Chairman)                                             Malcolm Penney (Chairman)

James Tucker (Secretary)                                                James Tucker (Secretary)

William Carpenter                                                             Joseph Ollerhead

Ron Smith                                                                          Ron Smith

Seaton Strangemore                                                       William Carpenter

Malcolm Penney                                                               John Newell

John Newell                                                                      Chesley Patey

Chesley Patey                                                                   Edgar McNeil

Edgar McNeil

1948                                                                            1950

Malcolm Penney (Chairman)                                  Malcolm Penney (Chairman)

James Tucker (Secretary)                                       Joseph Ollerhead (Vice-Chairman)

Joseph Ollerhead                                                     John Newell

William Carpenter                                                     Chesley Patey

John Newell                                                                Edgar McNeil

Chesley Patey                                                            Esau Fennimore

Edgar McNeil                                                             George Sulley

Edward Andrews                                                      Elihu Strangemore

Esau Fennimore                                                      Ernest Sansford

1952                                                                             1954

Malcolm Penney (Chairman)                                   Malcolm Penney (Chairman)

Edgar McNeil (Vice-Chairman)                               Edgar McNeil (Vice-Chairman)

A.C. Bradbury                                                              Raymond Squires

George Hollett                                                            Sam Keats

Joseph Patey                                                              George Sulley

Uriah Patey                                                                  George Hollett

John Burt                                                                      Uriah Patey

William Richards                                                        William Richards

Ernest Sansford                                                         Elsie Rowsell (Town Clerk)

1957                                                                               1959 (By-election)

Edgar McNeil (Chairman)                                          Gordon Smith                          

Joseph Ollerhead (Vice-Chairman)                         Garland Decker

John Burt

Seaton Strangemore

Charles Budgell

Malcolm Penney

Uriah Patey

Albert Styles

Willie P. Simms

Melvin McNeil (Town Clerk)

1961                                                                                   1964 (Bi-election)                                                           

George Nicholl (Mayor)                                                 Tom Dunphy

Charles Budgell (Deputy Mayor)

Wesley Biles                                                                     1964 (Appointments)

Joseph Lawrence

Baxter Keats                                                                     Seaton Strangemore

Donald Pomeroy                                                             Garland Decker

Benjamin Fennimore

Raymond Squires

John Newell

Baxter Patey (Town Clerk)


Joseph Lawrence (Mayor)

Charles Budgell (Deputy Mayor)

Wesley Biles

Baxter Keats

Donald Pomeroy

Benjamin Fennimore

Tom Dunphy

Seaton Strangemore

Garland Decker

Baxter Patey (Town Clerk)

1965                                                                                    1966 (Appointment)                

Tom Dunphy (Mayor)                                                       Joseph Lawerence               

Seaton Strangemore (Mayor 1966)

Frederick Budgell

Stanley Hodge                                                                  1969 (Bi-election)

Roy B. Pilgrim

Lee Fennimore                                                                 Ross Carpenter

Russell Sulley                                                                  Charles Fennimore

Clayton Simms                                                                 Douglas Pilgrim

Walter Biles

Baxter Patey (Town Clerk)

1969                                                                                     1971 (Bi-election)

Raymond Squires (Mayor)                                               Donald Loder

Joseph Ollerhead (Deputy Mayor)                                  David Budgell

Uriah Patey

Donald Pomeroy                                                                     

Gerald Penney                                                             

Charles Budgell

Douglas Pilgrim                                                            

Ross Rumbolt

Albert Shepard

Lester Patey (Town Clerk)

1973                                                                                 1974 (Bi-election)

Maxwell Smith (Mayor 1973)                                        Joseph Ollerhead

Dr. Howell Jones (Deputy Mayor 1973 - 1974)                  

Joseph Ollerhead (Mayor 1974)

Albert Sheppard (Deputy Mayor 1974-1976)              1975 (By-election)

Uriah Patey

Andrew Parrill                                                                  Nina Walker

Gerald Whalen                                                                Renard Patey

Karl Tucker

Wayne Noel                                                                    1976 (Bi-election)

Carl Cull (Town Clerk)                                                   Alonzo Bessey 

1977                                                                                 1979 (Bi-election)

Boyd Noel (Mayor)                                                          Winston Johnson

Ross Rumbolt (Deputy Mayor)                                     Renard Patey

Dr. Howell Jones

Charles Budgell

Thomas Green

Terry Simms

Lester Patey

Joseph Ollerhead

Donald Pomeroy

Betty Pilgrim (Town Clerk)

1981                                                                                    1983 (Bi-election)

Boyd Noel (Mayor)                                                            Thomas Green

Winston Johnson (Deputy Mayor)

Joseph Ollerhead

Renard Patey

Wallace Budgell

Joseph Pilgrim

Gladys Kean

Watson Tucker

Maxwell Short

Betty Pilgrim (Town Clerk)


Raymond Squires (Mayor)

John Budgell (Deputy Mayor)

Alonzo Bessey

Winston Johnson

Gerard Ward

Joseph Pilgrim

Herbert Stone

Agnes Patey

Renard Patey

Patrick Troy (Town Clerk)

1989                                                                            1993

Bernard Bromley (Mayor)                                         Boyd Noel (Mayor)

Don Loder    (Deputy Mayor)                                    Donald McDonald (Deputy Mayor)

Alonzo Bessey                                                            Ross Pilgrim

Herbert Stone                                                              Dale Richards

Wesley Biles                                                               Ernest Simms

Dwayne Cull                                                                Madonna Chaulk

Agnes Patey                                                                Terry Sansford

Edward Goudie                                                           Dudley Johnson

Thomas Green                                                            Alonzo Bessey

Brenda Rickets (Town Clerk)                                    Brenda Ricketts (Town Clerk)

Bride McGrath (Town Clerk)


Robert Mesher (Mayor)                                                      

Douglas Mills (Deputy Mayor)                                                       

Alonzo Bessey                                                             

Ralph Hedderson                                                                     

Shanna Simmonds                                                                   

Dwayne Cull

Renard Patey

Wallace Green (Town Clerk)

2001                                                                                      2003 Bi-election )

Ernest Simms (Mayor)                                                       Danny Patey

Douglas Mills (Deputy Mayor)

Ralph Hedderson

Glenda Noble

Dwayne Cull

Godfrey Mitchelmore

Arthur Kinsella

Wallace Green (Town Clerk)


Boyd Noel (Mayor)

Douglas Mills (Deputy Mayor)

Arthur Kinsella

Dave Rowbottom

Miles Hillier

Marilyn Walker

Darl Scott

Wallace Green (Town Clerk)


Ernest Simms (Mayor)

Marilyn Walker (Deputy Mayor)

Darl Scott (Councillor)

Douglas Mills (Councillor)

Arthur Kinsella (Councillor)

Eric Boyd (Councillor)

Ralph Hedderson (Councillor)


Ernest Simms (Mayor)

Darl Scott (Deputy Mayor)

Ralph Hedderson (Councillor)

Bruce Payne (Councillor)

Dwayne Cull (Councillor) Resigned February 2016

Eric Boyd (Councillor)

Marilyn Walker (Councillor) Resigned September 2015

Krista Howell (Councillor) Elected October 2015

Desmond McDonald (Councillor) Elected February 2016

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