Walking Trails

American Drive Trail

Park on American Drive (off West Street) – and walk the old dirt road towards:
1. Cremailliere Cove Lookout
2. Spectacular Ocean Views
3. Historic US Military Base (abandoned)

GREAT AREA TO WALK !! Allow at least 1-3 hours to fully enjoy this area.

American Drive is on West Street (beside the huge air plane on the way to Fishing Point).

Bottom Brook Trail

Bottom Brook Trail is the original trail that residents traditionally used to connect the east side of St. Anthony harbour to the west side prior to the road connection.

A waterfowl sanctuary is located at Bottom Brook which aids to protect various species of ducks and other birds. So, don’t forget your binoculars during this leisurely stroll because you may get an opportunity for bird watching!

For your convenience, Bottom Brook Park also has a gazebo where you can sit and watch nature at its best. This trail is rated easy and is approximately 1 km.

Fishing Point Trails

Our region contains some of the most unique attractions in the world. Discover what the Northern Tip of Newfoundland offers those who explore this area.

Fishing Point is the meeting place for local residents and tourists alike. Experience hiking, fine dining, whale & iceberg viewing.

Climb 543 stairs to the top of Fishing Point head where an exhilerating view of Newfoundland’s rugged ocean coastline is waiting for you. Be sure to schedule a visit to Fishing Point during your stay in St. Anthony.

Lamage Point Trail

Park your car at the end of Lamage Point Road – or – follow this road as it turns to a gravel road (4-wheel drive is preferable).

At the top of the hill is a cemetary – and starting point for the Lamage Point Trail.

This trail is very easy to walk and well-groomed – and highlights the vastness of St. Anthony Bight Harbour and surrounding mountains.

Don’t miss this trail. Allow about 1 hour.

Military Base Trail

Halfway through the Tea House Trail, there is a marked turn-off which allows you to walk to the former U.S. Military Base (overlooking a spectacular vista of Newfoundland coastal mountains and ocean scenery).. This well-groomed trail winds up and down hills and incredibly pristine valleys, dotted with lakes and ponds.

Hikers ultimately arrive at the former military base – where they can explore the grounds of the former military base – or climb up the foundations of one of the buildings to view an incredible scenery of ocean mountains and islands.
The military site was originally designated due to it’s superior radar vantage point over the Atlantic ocean. Allow 2-3 hours for return trip.

Tea House Trail

This well-groomed trail (also known as the Grenfell Heritage Trail Loop) is accessible from behind the hospital. From the stoplights, go just past the hospital building and turn into the last hospital entrance. At the top of the hill, turn left and this roadway will take you to the Grenfell House parking lot.

Take a while to visit the historical Grenfell House (open seasonally) and learn about the incredible contributions of Dr. Grenfell to our region. The trail loop begins just behind the Grenfell House. The difficulty is moderate (due to much uphill walking). There are several spectacular lookouts along the trail – including the original site of the historical “Tea House” – which was frequented by local residents after a long day of work (decades ago).

There is a site, just beside the “Tea House”, where Dr. Grenfell and other high profile residents of our community are memorialized. Allow approximately 90 minutes for this walk.