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Tea House Trail

This well-groomed trail (also known as the Grenfell Heritage Trail Loop) is accessible from behind the hospital.. From the stoplights, go just past the hospital building and turn into the last hospital entrance.. At the top of the hill, turn left and this roadway will take you to the Grenfell House parking lot..

Take a while to visit the historical Grenfell House (open seasonally) and learn about the incredible contributions of Dr. Grenfell to our region.. The trail loop begins just behind the Grenfell House.. The difficulty is moderate (due to much uphill walking).. There are several spectacular lookouts along the trail – including the original site of the historical “Tea House” – which was frequented by local residents after a long day of work (decades ago)..

There is a site, just beside the “Tea House”, where Dr. Grenfell and other high profile residents of our community are memorialized. Allow approximately 90 minutes for this walk..

Clink on map link provided below to view approximate trail location..

St. Anthony Town Map