Grenfell Historic Properties

Share in the adventures & accomplishments of Wilfred Grenfell, a highly determined doctor who contributed greatly to the heritage & ultimate success of St. Anthony.

Begin your visit at the Grenfell Interpretation Center (Museum) and relive an era that depicts the history of a determined people. View correspondance between Dr. Grenfell and American Presidents, British Royalty, and even Wilbur & Orville Wright.

Also, be sure to visit Dr. Grenfell’s longtime residence (Grenfell House). Take a beautiful walk along the “Teahouse Hiking Trail” – located directly behind the Grenfell House. There is an impressive memorial erected at a scenic lookout, halfway through the hiking trail.

Fishing Point

Fishing Point is the meeting place for local residents and tourists alike. Experience hiking, dining, whale & iceberg viewing.

Climb 543 stairs to the top of Fishing Point head where an exhilerating view of Newfoundland’s rugged ocean coastline is waiting for you.

The Fishing Point Emporium has the largest selection of souvenirs and crafts on the Viking Trail and has many other conveniences for the traveller.

• High speed Internet cafe & public telephones
• Wheelchair accessible washrooms
• Souvenirs and local crafts
• Interpretation Centre
• Dairy Bar and light snacks
• Newfoundland & Labrador music and books

Festivals & Concerts

St. Anthony has many lively Festivals & Concerts scheduled throughout the year.

In March, area residents gather in St. Anthony for Winterfest – which highlights the best in traditional winter carnivals – with events & competitions scheduled daily.

Join us for our summer music concerts, Canada Day celebrations & our annual Iceberg Festival.

Food & Culture

Northern Newfoundland has a great deal of unique culture for tourists to experience.

Learn about local traditions, music, dialect & food. Enjoy a traditional Sunday “Jiggs Dinner”. For dessert, sample specialties made with Partridge Berries, Bakeapples, Crowberries, or Squashberries.

Get yourself "Screeched-In". This is a fun-filled ceremony, where “come-from-aways” are inducted as official Newfoundlanders – usually in front of a large, cheering crowd of local residents. [Warning – This ceremony involves Screech Rum & kissing a codfish on the lips].

Visitors quickly become addicted to our incredible Pan-Fried Cod. If you're adventurous, sample a dish of “Cod Tongues” (a local delicacy). Try “Fish & Brewis”, made with fresh cod, bread-stuffing (Brewis) and pork “scrunchions”. Atlantic Salmon is also served fresh throughout the region.

Old Military Base

The historic former US Military base became operational during November 1953. The site location was chosen due to it’s superior ocean vantage point.

Eventually, computer technology eliminated the need for such radar manpower, and the base ultimately closed on March 31, 1968.

Today, the building foundations of the compound still exist, as well as all the original gravel roads winding through the mountains to the rugged coastal location.

Park your car at American Drive (on West Street – beside the huge airplane – on the way to Fishing Point). You can walk to the base (30-45 minutes) – or 4-wheel drive the rugged road.

Winter Activities

There are hundreds of kilometres of snowmobile trails that travel through forests, valleys, and lake-dotted mountain tops. Ice fishing – or, an outdoor “Boil up” is absolutely compulsory – alongside, a warm fire.

Hockey is played by many residents – with organized leagues (for all age groups) that play at the Polar Centre. The St. Anthony Polar Centre hosts the Northern Blades Figure Skating Club & the Junior Broomball Association. As well, the ice surface is transformed into a curling rink once a week for the Mixed Curling Club. Public skating is also regularly scheduled at the arena.

The Aurora Nordic Ski Club has an extensive groomed trail system – which is illuminated at night. The trails are a beautiful way to spend an afternoon – or evening.

Snowshoeing is a great way to get winter exercise. Locally made snowshoes sell for about $25 – $50 and are amazingly functional.

Boat Tours

Explore the scenic St. Anthony coast; an area that typically has more icebergs, humpbacks and dolphins then any other region in NL.

Sightings of minke, fin whales and orca whales are also common. Visit nesting colonies of eider ducks, kittewakes and black guillemots.

Relax in the comforts of a 50 foot vessel while being entertained by traditional music, stories and interpretation on our unique heritage. It’s a refreshing blend of nature, fun education and NL hospitality that you will never forget.