• Tourism industry requires further investment to accommodate accelerated growth (accommodations, restaurants, etc.)..
• Theme parks & other attractions offer profit possibilities..
• Ski resort property is already partially developed – and available for completion..
• Snowmobile “adventure tour” operations could take advantage of our region’s spectacular groomed trail system..


• Proposed extension of wharf and cargo facilities will allow expansion of local fishery..
• St. Anthony offers excellent docking and packaging facilities..
SABRI Basin Resources aids the coordination of all fishery related ventures.
•Retailers can package fresh seafood – directly at the source – at minimal cost..

Health Care

•Major Hospital & Medical facilities constantly require skilled medical professionals (Labrador Grenfell Health)
•Newfoundland & Labrador Health Line (Fonemed) – Provincial headquarters of health-care “call centre” is located in St. Anthony.. Offers excellent career opportunities & benefit-packages (requires nursing and business administrative professionals)..
•Veterinarian is required for our region..
•Senior citizen care facilities are needed to accommodate growing senior population..

Natural Resources

•Iceberg water is easily accessible and facilities & workforce allows commercial operations locally.. There is already a highly successful bottled-water company operating in St. Anthony – with distribution throughout North America..
The purity of Iceberg water has launched several new companies (Vodka, bottled water, etc.)

•Berries – The anti-oxidant “health” properties of berries is becoming common knowledge and an extremely profitable industry. Our region offers a HUGE abundance of berries (and a wide variety of species). We often predict that a local entrepreneur will soon earn huge profits – through continental sales of this highly available resource. (ex. bottled juices)

•Forestry – The Northern Peninsula contains vast areas of lumber resources.

•Fresh Water – A huge supply of pure, fresh water is also available for commercial resale. Factors, such as “global warming” have caused water shortages (elsewhere).. Our unlimited water supply – and incomparable purity – is quickly becoming a highly precious resource.

•And, of course,Fresh Atlantic Seafood!!

Business Opportunities

•Movie Theatre required in region
•Golf Course & Driving Range
•Bowling Alley
•Dry Cleaners
•Specialised Bakery
•Ethnic Restaurants – Thai, Greek, Mexican, Indian, etc.
•Skilled professionals are required in many areas, such as veterinarian, appliance & electronics repair, etc.

Chamber of Commerce

The St. Anthony & Area is a non-profit organization that has been in existence since the late 70’s and has become a very prominent business based organization in the region. The CHAMBER currently serves all communities between Goose Cove and Cook’s Harbour and has approximately 70 members. There is an executive committee in place and it has a coordinator position paid fully by your membership fees.

The mandate of the “Chamber of Commerce” is to promote and improve trade and commerce and the economic, civic and social welfare of the district.